Hooray! NYC Re-opening – May 17th

Food Trends is excited that NYC is planning to fully reopen starting May 17th.  We have been open delivering meals to essential workers, feeding NYC’s elderly population, and accommodating catering orders as best as possible.  Please keep in mind though that NYC is still far from “normal” and we are trying our best in these circumstances.  Some of the challenges we are face are vendors have limited delivery schedules with modified ordering windows, we can’t keep the same levels of inventory, building protocols for deliveries…..the list goes on.  

When ordering, understand that we need at least 48 hours notice and even then not all menu items might be available.  We will work with you to craft the best menu for your event considering what products we have in stock and what other orders we already have that day.  Delivery times might also need to shift as well because of limited staff.

Thank you for your patience and trust in us to delivery the high quality of catering you expect from Food Trends.  Like everyone else, we are trying our best and look forward to returning to “normal” very soon.

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